antenatal class for pregnant women and couples


Thursday, 21st March 
Friday, 22nd March      17:30-20:30
Friday, 29th March       17:30-20:30

  • information about: birth stages, support of the partner, potential complications and medical interventions, the postpartum period, life with your newborn
  • physical preparation: breathing exercises, movement and bodywork, relaxation exercises, pelvic and pelvic floor exercises, childbirth positions, massages, contact with the baby
  • psychological preparation: changes in pregnancy, dealing with anxiety and pain, dealing with one's own childbearing ability, partnership requirements, motherhood, fatherhood
  • Exchange of ideas and discussion with other women and couples in the same situation
  • The lecture “A good start into breastfeeding” is included in the course fee. Subscription here!
  • A get-together with all newborns after birth is included in the weekend course and in the course fee, too. 

If you are not able to join the course, single lessons are possible. Please click for further information: single birth preparation in English

We invite all pregnant women to join our gymnastic classes. The course language is German, but the classes are hold by our English native speaker Angela.
Participation without subscription!

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